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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Public Policy and Justice: The Case Study of New Orleans

People from around the country, from Seattle to Rochester, from Missouri to North Carolina, participated in the workshop on "Public Policy and Justice" at the Baptist Peace Fellowship Summer Conference in Montréal. Rev. Donald P. Boutté, executive director of Churches Supporting Churches (CSC), shared stories of his work with CSC, Policy Link, and the Equity and Inclusion Campaign on equitable redevelopment of the Gulf Coast.

Affordable housing remains a profound need for those with limited and low incomes. The current plans are shockingly inadequate: funds have been allocated to restore only 1 out of 3 deeply affordable housing units in New Orleans. Recent legislation offered by Louisiana Senator Mary Landrieu, The Gulf Coast Multifamily and Assisted Housing Recovery Act, supports affordable housing for the elderly and disabled.

Jobs and infrastructure rebuilding are two great needs for the restoration of a livable community. California Representative Zoe Lofgren offered legislation, The Gulf Coast Civic Works Act, that supports the creation of 100,000 new jobs and supports job training in infrastructure rebuilding. Although for the most part funding for youth has been left out of Gulf Coast rebuilding efforts, this bill provides for a youth Conservation Corps with job training in wetlands restoration.

For information on The Gulf Coast Multifamily and Assisted Housing Recovery Act, see the Equity and Inclusion Campaign's summary of S. 2975.

For information on The Gulf Coast Civic Works Act, see the Equity and Inclusion Campaign’s summary of H.R. 4048.

For general information about Gulf Coast advocacy, see the workshop handout. Write your Congresspersons asking them to co-sponsor this legislation and write to Congressional committee members asking them to move the legislation forward.

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