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Sunday, August 31, 2008


CBC Pastor Marcus Pomeroy spoke with Rev. Don Boutte this afternoon, Sunday, August 31. He and his family are safe in Baton Rouge. Members of his congregation have all evacuated and they have a database of phone numbers this time so that they can keep in touch. Rev. Boutte and his family may go to Nashville if things get bad in Baton Rouge. He appreciates our prayers in worship this morning and asks for continued prayer.

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Caroline said...

From Ruth Orantes, pastor of Iglesia Bautista Shekina in Santa Ana, El Salvador --

Quisiera saber si saben algo de los hermanos de St John baptist Church, New Orleand.. estamos pendientes del hurracan Gustav y nos preocupa
Si estan en contacto con ellos... diganles que les mandamos nuestro cariño y nuestras oraciones estan delante de Dios
un abarzo
Ruth Eunice Rodríguez